The data in the table that follows were obtained from three sources:  1)  field observations at Selvatica; 2) field observations at Rara Avis; and 3)  List of Mammals of the La Selva Biological Station, by Bob Timm.   All of the species listed in the table below were observed at La Selva, except for those with asterisks after the species scientific name.   Those species that have an RA written under the column named "Ver" (Verified) were seen at Rara Avis and at La Selva (unless there is an asterisk), but have not yet been observed at Selvatica.  Those species that have an ST under the Ver column were observed at Selvatica and La Selva (unless there is an asterisk), but have not yet been seen at Rara Avis.   Columns marked with an X indicates that the species has been verified as occurring at all three sites.   Data on distribution listed under the column, Notes, were obtained from Fiona A. Reid's A Field Guide to the Mammals of Central America and Southeast Mexico.  The number in the column refers to the maximum range in elevation for that species.   The minimum elevational range for species in this list is, with few exceptions,  sea level.  Species in the La Selva check list that did not have a maximum elevational range of at least 600 meters were not included in this table.   

Family and Sci. Name Common Name Ver Img Notes
Didelphidae Opposums
Caluromys derbianus Woolly opposum     Mex-Colom; 2500 m
Chironectes minimus             Water opposum     Mex-Argen; 1800 m
Didelphis marsupiales Common opposum X   Mex-Argen; 2000 m
Marmosa mexicana Mexican mouse opposum     Mex-Pan: 1800 m
Philander opossum Four-eyed opposum  RA   Mex-Argen: 1600 m

Order CHIROPTERA  (Bats)  (52) 
Emballonuridae Sac-winged Bats
Centronycteris centralis*   ST    
Cormura brevirostris Chestnut sac-winged bat ST   Nic-Pan & S.A.; 1000 m
Diclidurus albus Northern ghost bat ST   Mex-Brazil; 1500 m
Peropteryx kappleri Lesser doglike bat     Mex-Par; 1500 m
Peropteryx macrotis* Lesser doglike bat ST   Mex-Brazil; 1500 m
Saccopteryx bilineata Greater white-lined bat ST Mex-Brazil; 600 m
Saccopteryx leptura Lesser white-lined bat ST   Mex-Brazil; lowlands
Mormoopidae Leaf-chinned Bats
Pteronotus davyi Davy's naked-backed bat Mex-C.R. & S.A.; 1000 m
Pteronotus gymnonotus* Big naked-backed bat ST Mex-Brazil; 1600 m
Pteronotus parnellii Common mustached bat Mex-Brazil; 2200 m
Phyllostomatidae Leaf-nosed Bats
(Phyllostomatinae) (Glean. and Carn. bats)
Chrotopterus auritus Wooly false vampire bat   Mex-Brazil; 2000 m
Micronycteris hirsuta Hairy big-eared bat   Hon-Brazil; 1500 m
Micronycteris megalotis Common big-eared bat   Mex-Brazil; 2000+ m
Micronycteris minuta Tiny big-eared bat   Hon-Brazil; 600 m
Micronycteris schmidtorum Schmidt's big-eared bat RA   Hon-Brazil; 800 m
Phylloderma stenops Pale-faced bat     Mex-Brazil; 1300 m
Tonatia saurophila* Stripe-head. round-ear. bat RA   Mex-Brazil; 600 m
Trachops cirrhosus Fringe-lipped bat   Mex-Boliv; 1400 m
Vampyrum spectrum Great false vampire bat   Guat-Peru; 1650 m
(Glossophaginae) (Long-tongued bats)
Choeroniscus godmani Godman's wiskered bat     Mex-Ven.; 1400 m
Glossophaga commissarisi Brown long-tongued bat RA Mex-Peru; 2000 m
Glossophaga soricina Common long-tongued bat RA Mex-Peru; 1000 m
Hylonycteris underwoodi Underwood's long-t. bat   most C.A.; 2600 m
Lonchophylla robusta Orange nectar bat   Nic-Ven; 1000 m
Lichonycteris obscura Dark long-tongued bat   Mex-Braz; 1000 m
(Carolliinae) (Short-tailed Bats)
Carollia brevicauda Silky short-tailed bat   Mex-Boliv; 1700 m
Carollia castanea Chestnut Short-tailed bat     Hon-Brazil; 1100 m
Carollia perspicillata Seba's short-tailed bat RA Mex-Parag; 1000 m
(Stenodermatinae) (Tailless Bats)
Artibeus jamaicensis Jamaican fruit-eating bat RA Mex-Ven; 1700 m
Atribeus lituratus Great fruit-eating bat Mex-Argen; 1700 m
Artibeus phaeotis Pygmy fruit-eating bat RA Mex-Ecua; 1200 m
Artibeus watsoni Thomas' fruit-eating bat Mex-Peru; 1500 m
Chiroderma villosum Hairy big-eyed bat Mex-Brazil; 600 m
Ectophylla alba Honduran white bat RA   Hon-Pan; 700 m
Platyrrhinus helleri Heller's broad-nosed bat     Mex-Brazil; 1500 m
Sturnina lilium Little yellow-shouldered bat Mex-Argen; 1600 m
Sturnina ludovici Highland yell.-should. bat Mex-Ecua; 2000 m
Uroderma bilobatum Common tent-making bat RA Mex-Brazil; 1500 m
Vampyressa pusilla Little yellow-eared bat Mex-Brazil; 1500 m
Vampyressa nymphaea Striped yellow-eared bat Nic-Ecua; 900 m
(Desmodontinae) (Vampire Bats)
Desmodus rotundus Common vampire bat Mex-Argen; 2700 m
Thyropteridae Disk-winged Bats      
Thyroptera tricolor Spix's disk-winged bat RA   Mex-Brazil; 1300 m
Vespertilionidae Plain-nosed Bats
Eptesicus furinalis Argentine brown bat ST Mex-Argen; 1800 m
Lasiurus blossevillii* Western red bat ST   Can-Argen; 2500 m
Myotis nigricans Black myotis ST Mex-Argen; 3150 m
Myotis riparius Riparian myotis Hon-Uru; 2000 m
Rhogeessa io*   ST    
Rhogeessa tumida Central American yellow bat Mex-Brazil; 1500 m
Molossidae Free-tailed Bats
Molossus bondae Bonda mastiff bat     Mex-Ven; 1000 m
Molossus molossus* Little mastiff bat ST   Mex-Argen; 1300 m
Molossus sinaluae* Sinaloan mastiff bat ST   Mex-Colom; 2400 m
Nyctinomops laticaudatus* Broad-eared bat ST   Mex-Brazil; 1500 m

Cebidae Monkeys
Alouatta palliata Howler monkey X   Mex; Hon-Ecua; 2500 m
Ateles geoffroyi Spider monkey X   Mex-Pan; 1800 m
Cebus capucinus White-faced capuchin X   Hon-Ecua; 2000 m

ORDER XENARTHRA (EDENTADA: Anteaters, Sloths & Armadillos)
Myrmecophagidae Anteaters
Cyclopes didactylus Silky anteater RA   Mex-Brazil; 1500 m
Tamandua mexicana Northern tamandua X   Mex-Peru; 1600 m
Bradypodidae Sloths      
Bradipus variegatus Brown-throated 3-toed sloth RA   Hon-Argen; 2400 m
Choloepus hofmani Hoffmann's 2-toed sloth RA   Hon-Brazil; 3300 m
Dasypodidae Armadillos      
Cabassous centralis Naked-tailed Armadillo     Mex-Ven; 1800 m
Dasypus novemcinctus Nine-banded Armadillo X   U.S.-Argen; 2600 m

ORDER LAGOMORPHA  (Rabbits and hares)
Leporidae Rabbits
Sylvilagus brasiliensis          Forest rabbit  X   Mex-Argen; 1500 m

ORDER RODENTIA  (Rodents)  (16)
Sciuridae Squirrels
Microsciurus alfari Alfaro's pigmy squirrel RA   Nic-Colom; 2600 m
Sciurus granatensis Red-tailed squirrel X   C.R.-Ven; 3200 m
Sciurus variegatoides Variegated squirrel     Mex-Pan; 1800 m
Geomyidae Pocket Gophers      
Orthogeomys cherriei Cherrie's pocket gopher     C.R.; 1450 m
Heteromyidae Pocket Mice      
Heteromys demarestianus Forest spiny pocket mouse     Mex-Colom; 2400 m
Erethizontidae Porcupines      
Coendou mexicanus Mexican porcupine X   Mex-Pan; 3200 m
Dasyproctidae Agoutis and Acouchis      
Dasyprocta punctata Agouti X   Mex-Argen; 2400 m
Agoutidae Pacas      
Agouti paca Paca     Mex-Para; 2000 m
Echimyidae Spiny Rats and Tree Rats      
Hoplomys gymnurus Armored rat     Hon-Ecua; 800 m
Proechimys semispinosus Tome's spiny rat     Hon-Peru; 800 m
Muridae Rats and Mice      
(Sigmodontinae) (New World Rats & Mice)      
Nyctomys sumichrasti Vesper rat RA   Mex-Pan; 1800 m
Oryzomys caliginosus Dusky rice rat     Hon-Ecua; 1400 m
Oryzomys fulvescens Northern pigmy rice rat     Mex-Brazil; 2000 m
Sigmodon hispidus* Hispid cotton rat RA   U.S.-Ven; 2700 m
Tylomys watsoni Watson's climbing rat RA   C.R.-Pan; 2700 m
(Murinae) (Old World Rats & Mice)       
Mus musculus House mouse     Ubiq; 3200 m

Mustelidae Weasels, skunks, and Allies      
Conepatus semistriatus Striped hog-nosed skunk      Mex-Brazil; 4100 m
Eira barbara Tayra X   Mex-Argen; 2400 m
Gallictis vittata Greater grison     Mex-Brazil; 1500 m
Lutra longicaudus Neotropical river otter     Mex-Argen; 3000 m
Mustela frenata Long-tailed weasel     Can-Bol; 4100 m
Procyonidae Raccoons and Allies      
Bassaricyon gabbii Olingo     Nic-Ecua; 1700 m
Nasua narica White-nosed coati X   U.S.-Colom; 3000 m
Potos flavus Kinkajou RA   Mex-Brazil; 2200 m
Procyon lotor Northern raccoon     Can-Pan; 2800 m
Felidae/ Cats      
Leopardus weidii Margay  RA   Mex-Argen; 3000 m
Leopardus pardalis Ocelot RA   Tex-Argen; 3700 m
Herpailurus yagouaroundi Jaguarundi RA   Tex-Argen; 2000 m
Panthera onca Jaguar  RA   Mex-Argen; 2000 m
Puma concolor Puma X   Can-Argen; 5000 m

ORDER ARTIODACTYLA  (Even-toed Ungulates)
Tayassuidae Peccaries
Dicotyles pecari White-lipped peccary RA   Mex-Argen; 1900 m
Tayassu tajacu Collared peccary X   U.S.-Argen; 3000 m
Cervidae Deer      
Mazama americana Red brocket deer X   Mex-Argen; 2800 m
Odocoileus virginianus White-tailed deer X   Can-Brazil; 2600 m

ORDER PERISSODACTYLA  (Odd-toed Ungulates)
Tapiridae Tapirs
Tapirus bairdii Baird's tapir  X   Mex-Colom; 3800 m